COA Trip Policy

1. Please call the COA office at 978-929-6652 to make trip reservations before sending in your check.
2. Payment is due as specified in each trip description. Refunds will only be issued if a trip is canceled by the COA, someone on the waiting list can take your spot or you find someone to go in your place.
3. Make checks out to: “Friends of the Acton COA.” Drop your check off at the COA office at 30 Sudbury Road, Rear or mail to: Acton COA, 30 Sudbury Road, Rear, Acton, MA 01720. Make a separate check for each trip. Checks are cashed after the trip occurs.
4. Parking for trips is at the Senior Center in the Lower Parking Lot, unless otherwise noted in the trip description.
5. Call COA Director, Sharon Mercurio, at 978-929-6652 for financial assistance from the Friends organization.
6. Always bring a copy of your FILE OF LIFE card with you on trips. These are available at the COA Office if needed. Please make sure that all sections of the card are filled out and up to date.
7. Trip attendees must attend each segment of the day trip & may not stay behind on the bus, so please read the trip description carefully.
8. If you are not self sufficient or have special needs, you must travel with a companion who can provide assistance for you. Call the COA for details if you are uncertain of the demands of a trip.
9. If a medical emergency arises on a trip, COA staff will procure medical assistance if needed, but cannot accompany someone to the hospital.