Standards of Independence for Senior Center Participation Policy

The Acton Council on Aging/Senior Center programs are designed for and targeted to Acton residents age sixty (60) and older.  Others may at times participate when the staff has been consulted.

Please note the following Standards of Independence with respect to Senior Center attendance. If a participant cannot meet the required Standards, staff is available to share resources and discuss options. Personal companions are welcome to accompany participants who require help to participate in programs and activities. The staff is committed to providing a safe and welcoming atmosphere for as many community seniors as possible.

 Participants at the Senior Center must:
An Emergency Contact Form must be filled out before participating in any activities and participants must sign in at reception. If participant has a medical issue while on the premises, staff will seek medical attention as it deems necessary which can be refused by participant.
Take responsibility for their own care and be responsible for meeting their individual needs including medical care, hygiene, and dietary restrictions. Senior Center staff is not responsible for providing assistance with health care, medication, getting to and from the restroom, and other individual needs.
Exhibit independent decision making and should be capable of planning and attending to their own activities, such as transportation, signing in for activities, signing up for lunch and registering for programs, financial transactions, and completing waivers for exercise classes/gym.
Be able to communicate with staff regarding activities at the Senior Center or for any health/safety issues that may arise. Participants must be able to navigate throughout the building and transition between programs without staff assistance.

If any of the Standards of Independence pose a challenge, we ask that a participant be accompanied by a companion, escort, or translator who can assist the participant in performing the necessary functions.

January 2018