Frequently Asked Questions

The Council on Aging has created this quick reference to answer FAQs. Please call us at 978-929-6652 if you need further information.

  • What are your hours? Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 8:00am-5:00pm, Tuesday, 8:00am-7:30pm, Friday, 8:00am-12noon.
  • Do you have to be an Acton resident to join? All Acton residents 60 years and older are invited to attend the Senior Center. There is no charge for any of our classes or programs, except for some exercise classes which as a result of grant funding request a suggested donation of usually $1 per class, and lunches which also have a cost. Exercise classes are limited to Acton seniors. Out of Town residents can attend many of our programs, usually for free but there may be a charge for certain programs. All details can be found in our newsletter.
  • My Mother is living with us for a few months, can she attend? In these circumstances we do allow the Senior to attend as an Acton resident.
  • How do I register for programs? See the newsletter for details of individual registrations. Exercise classes are 'drop-in' but class sizes are limited. Popular classes such as Drawing for All allocate places via a lottery system.
  • How do I get a copy of the newsletter? Acton seniors can have a copy mailed to them, you can pick up a copy in the Center, the online edition is available here on the website. You can subscribe to be notified of the online copy going live here
  • Can I get lunch? We serve Minuteman Senior Service meals Monday-Thursday at 12noon. Call John on 781-221-7098 at least 24 hours at least ahead of time. Fridays are a 'grab and go' option. The Council on Aging also serves 'Special meals' on occasion - all details are in the newsletter. You can also talk to John about Meals on Wheels delivery.
  • Is there transportation to the center? Call Transportation Dispatch on 978-844-6809 during normal business hours to schedule a ride. Please try and call with at least 24 hours notice.
  • Do you need volunteers? For volunteer opportunities call the COA on 978-929-6652. We have volunteers carry out a variety of tasks in the building. Minuteman Senior Services also offer opportunities for working in the kitchen or for Meals on Wheels deliveries, call John on 781-221-7098.
  • Where are you? We are located at 30 Sudbury Rd, Rear off Rt 62 (Powdermill Rd) in South Acton. You can follow blue directional signs from the junction of Main St and High St near the railway bridge.
  • Do you offer Social Services? We can offer assistance in many ways. For more details see our newsletter, or you can call us on 978-929-6652.
  • Can I borrow medical equipment from you? Acton Nursing Services, located in the same building, has a variety of items to loan - call Acton Nursing on 978-929-6650. Also call  if you have equipment you would like to donate.